Bayern Munich president Hoeness charged with tax evasion

Prosecutors have formally brought charges against the Bayern Munich president after it was revealed that he had failed to pay tax on a Swiss bank account.
Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has been formally charged with tax fraud, prosecutors have confirmed.

It emerged in April that the 61-year-old had filed a voluntary disclosure that he had failed to pay tax on a bank account in Switzerland back in January, and it has now been confirmed that he will face tax evasion charges.

"The Munich II prosecution has completed the investigation," a press release read. "The indictment for fraud against the 61-year-old president of Bayern Munich is alleged.

"The fifth Criminal Court of the Regional Court of Munich II now has to decide whether to accept the indictment and the commencement of the trial."

Under German law, Hoeness can escape prosecution thanks to the voluntary disclosure, but if the documents are not filed correctly, the former West Germany international could still be punished.

Bayern press officer Markus Horwick told SZ on the issue: "We will not make any comments."