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Heynckes accepts media pressure on Bayern Munich

The veteran coach is pleased with the way his players are handling criticism, and stated that it is important for him that the team "is allowed to have ups and downs in form"

Bayern Munich head coach Jupp Heynckes has reiterated that media pressure at the Bavarians is normal, and should be accepted.

"Every player who plays at Bayern Munich knows that Bayern Munich is a particularly special club," said Heynckes.

"Whenever we lose, then it is lashed onto almost immediately by the media, regardless whether it is a friendly or losing the away game in a Champions League tie 1-0.

Speaking ahead of the crunch clash with Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday, the 66-year-old stated that he is satisfied with his players' ability to cope with negative comments, and made clear that the team should not be attacked when there are fluctuations in form.

"Whenever this happens people are jumping over one another to report on the latest crisis at Bayern. It is something that the players have to deal with here, and I think they cope with it well," Heynckes explained. 

"For me it is important that your team is allowed to have ups and downs in form."


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