Inter hit with partial stadium closure

The Nerazzurri have also been fined for alleged territorial discrimination against southern supporters, while Roma fans have been punished for throwing missiles at Milan fans.

Inter's Curva Nord stand will be closed for the next two Serie A matches following "discriminatory chants" in the 0-0 draw with Napoli.

The punishment was confirmed in a statement from the league's governing body on Tuesday, following the April 26 meeting between the two sides.

Inter has been fined 50,000 euro for the incident, while a section of the ground will be closed for their final home game of the season - against Lazio on May 10 - as well as the opening home fixture of the 2014-15 season.

Elsewhere, Roma has been fined 15,000 euro after a section of its support threw missiles in the direction of the Milan fans in the game between the two sides on April 25. Roma won 2-0 in the Stadio Olimpico.

Milan also has been sanctioned after its supporters retaliated and threw a missile back, with the club handed a 4,000 euro penalty.