Balotelli: 'I will try to change certain attitudes'

The AC Milan striker wants to improve his temperament and insists he has no plans to leave San Siro.
AC Milan star Mario Balotelli is looking to improve his attitude in certain regards.

The striker has been embroiled in a number of spats in matches so far this season and was caught up in an alleged racism row with Nicolas Spolli during the clash with Catania, although the defender has since been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Although Balotelli reacted with frustration at the decision — stating "Hahaha! Fortunately, there is justice in this country" in an ironic comment on Twitter — the former Manchester City man has made it clear he intends to better his own behavior, while also confirming his intention to stay at Milan.

"Compared to the past, many things are changing. ... I will try to change certain attitudes. But I will stay," he told magazine Buone Notizie. "I printed into my mind all the warmth of the fans when I joined this team."

Balotelli went on to praise the principal coaches he has worked with during his career to date, describing how each of them has played an important role in his development despite different approaches.

"Everyone has played a different role. Roberto Mancini has been like a father, Jose Mourinho was a great motivator. And Massimiliano Allegri, a teammate," he added.