Agnelli: FIGC needs total reform

The Juventus president fears Serie A will become marginalized and has called upon a complete reform to prevent his worst fears from becoming a reality.
Juventus president Andrea Agnelli says the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) is run like "a local sports club" and has called for a revolution of the game in the country.

Though the Bianconeri are reigning Serie A champions and the Italian national team reached the final of Euro 2012, various scandals have rocked the game in recent years, including two on Friday involving Napoli and AC Milan owner and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

"What do Juve support? We support a structural reform of professional football and those who don't condemn Italy to being marginalized in Europe and the world," he told club shareholders at a meeting on Friday. "Reform of the league, the number of professional clubs and the youth sector. Reform of the status of professional sports, currently governed by a law from 1981 - trademark protection, stadium regulations.

"Comprehensive reform of sporting justice, which cannot deal with investments worth millions of euros as though it were a dispute in a local sports club."

The 36-year-old also gave his backing to Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations and urged clubs to operate economically in a bid to avoid a further regression of Italian football.

"We have to ask ourselves what Italian football will be like in a few years' time," Agnelli said. "Many nations have experienced a decline but none have had such a sudden collapse. We are seeing a complete structural collapse and it can't just be explained away as being part of the financial crisis.

"In two years we [Juventus] have forged ahead, but winning the title means we must not forget our mandate, which is to win while maintaining a balanced financial position in order to give ourselves prospects for the future."

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