Balotelli: I'm more of a man than Peter Pan

The 21-year-old denied any reports of off-the-field or mental problems, insisting that the only reason he was "worked up" is that he hadn't scored a goal before the Ireland game
Italy forward Mario Balotelli has hit out at criticism of his attitude, stating that whether people are entertained or angered by him is up to them, and suggesting that he does not need to grow up.

The flamboyant striker scored in his side's final group game, a 2-0 win over Ireland, but it was his celebration that followed which made the headlines as the 21-year-old tried to shout towards what has been reported to be the media before a teammate covered his mouth.

The Manchester City man's agent had been quoted recently labelling the forward as a 'Peter Pan' character off the field, while other names in football have said that the Italian needs to grow up.

The former Inter Milan player agreed that there can be some comparisons of his personality with Peter Pan, but insisted he is "more of a man", while denying any suggestions that he has been suffering physiologically.

"I think these two metaphors are for Mario the person, not Mario the footballer," he told reporters. "I think I am a man.

"I could be Peter Pan - as in some of my behavior I’m quite free, but I certainly feel more of a man than a Peter Pan."

"The goal I scored against Ireland was important. Above all because I wanted to score this goal and I hadn't managed to get on the score sheet in the previous two games.

"The media suggested there was a mental block, but I just couldn't put the ball in the net. There was no mental block at all."

The Azzurri now face England in the quarterfinals on Sunday. Balotelli revealed that he is looking forward to facing a number of his club-mates, however assured fans he is still committed to getting the right result.

"I hope it'll be a good match," he continued. "I think it'll be fun to play against my [Manchester City] teammates.

"They know me and I know them, I just hope it's going to be nice and fun. I want to win; even if they are my teammates, I hope they are going to lose."

Two of the Italy forwards City team-ates, Joe Hart and James Milner, have said in the build-up to the game that there are two sides to Balotelli, a quality player and someone that makes stupid mistakes.

When asked if the match against the Three Lions is a perfect opportunity to prove doubters wrong, the Italian insisted he does not need to prove anything, while suggesting he is not bothered what people's opinions of him are.

"Lucky for [Hart] that he knows two Balotellis," he stated.

"I don't think Mario the person needs to demonstrate this to anyone. Like all of my teammates I want to put in a good performance, so whether you're entertained or angered by my performance is up to you.

Balotelli refused to single out one member of Roy Hodgson's squad that he is closest to, but did reveal that he is not scared of anyone.

"All the players at Man City are friends, all teammate are friends of mine," he insisted. "Who do I fear the most? I don't fear anyone."

Balotelli has occasionally lost his cool at times during his club career, and it has been suggested that when playing for Italy he seems agitated.

The player explained that as Euro 2012 is his first European tournament, it's normal to feel emotions, and argued that the only reason he seemed "worked up" was because he hadn't scored in the first two games.

"The first few game [were] very emotional, it was my first Euro championships so I think it's very normal to have a reaction.

"The only thing there might have been was because I hadn't scored a goal so that might be why I got worked up, but I wasn't angry. [There are] no problems with the squad or off the pitch."

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