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Italy Coach Lippi Rubbishes Claims Cassano Fell Out With His Son

Italy Coach Lippi Rubbishes Claims Cassano Fell Out With His Son

A satirical current affairs program in Italy has claimed Cassano aimed a punch at Lippi's son, and the Azzurri coach has responded in a similarly light-hearted manner.

Italy coach Marcello Lippi has laughed off rumours that claim Antonio Cassano had a fight with his son, Davide, leading to the striker's permanent omission from La Nazionale.

On Tuesday night, Mediaset's 'Striscia La Notizia', a programme that looks at news and current affairs in a satirical way, suggested Cassano had a heated argument with Lippi's son.

The rumour mill has started to turn again, leading to speculation that the alleged incident could have been the reason behind the player's exclusion.

The news comes just a week after Sampdoria president Riccardo Garrone claimed there was an "ugly story" behind the Lippi-Cassano debate. Garrone later retracted his comments, and the case was closed by the Italian authorities.

However, 'Striscia La Notizia' have reignited the row, but Lippi was quick to tone it down in a rather sarcastic manner.

"Yes, my son has a swollen cheek because of that punch..." Lippi joked to the press.

For Cassano though, it's no laughing matter. Italia reports the Sampdoria striker is considering legal action against Mediaset for the way in which he was portrayed in their report.

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