Agent: Inter Will Sign Samuel Eto'o

Legendary captain Zanetti is hoping the deal is concluded quickly, and agent Ernesto Bronzetti is confident it will be.
Inter midfielder Javier Zanetti has become tired of the Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Samuel Eto'o saga and he is hoping it ends soon.

Talks between Eto'o's agent Jose Maria Mesalles and Inter are taking place throughout the day in Milan as the striker tries to agree personal terms. Zanetti, who is in Los Angeles for the club's friendly tour, is hoping the ship carrying Eto'o to Milan comes into port.

"I hope this all ends soon," Zanetti told Sky Sport Italia.

"If the deal goes through Inter will lose a great champion, but will replace him with another great champion."

Super agent Ernesto Bronzetti is also confident that a deal can be struck. Bronzetti, who was seen with Eto'o's agent in Milan, feels the move will go ahead.

"I am sure that it will go ahead as this is the will of both clubs. Barcelona cannot renounce Ibrahimovic at this stage and Inter cannot allow Eto'o to slip either," added the agent.

Salvatore Landolina,

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