Report: AC Milan Coach Ancelotti May Get A Contract Extension

It seems coach Carlo Ancelotti will definitely stay on at Milan next season, and he may even be offered a one-year extension to his contract.
Milan have decided to hold on to Carlo Ancelotti. There will be no goodbyes between the coach and the Via Turati club, as had often been suggested by reports recently. It seems there is even a chance Ancelotti's contract will be extended by one year, to 2011.

The report comes from Mediaset journalist Carlo Pellegatti, who always keeps a close tab on all things Milan, as he revealed president Silvio Berlusconi and vice-president Adriano Galliani's plans for the future to Sportmediaset.

At the end of the season there will be a meeting with the coach, as announced, but not to draw up a balance of the season and make decisions on his future. Instead, they will make plans in order for the team to return to the top in Italy and Europe as quickly as possible.

All hope seems lost, then, for Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich, who had reportedly been tempting Ancelotti with offers for a while, and for the likes of Massimiliano Allegri and Luciano Spalletti, two coaches who had often been linked with a move to the Milan giants.

Danilo Pochini,