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The first in line to the British Throne is full of praise for the Italian game.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has hailed Italian football, claiming the English game has taken inspiration from Calcio.

The Heir to the British Throne is currently in Italy where he gave a speech on climate change and the contribution man is having on natural disasters following the recent earthquake in Abruzzo. However, the Prince also spoke about Calcio during his talks.

Despite claims that the Premier League is the best in the world, the Prince believes it is England which has been taking examples from Serie A.

"One of the most recent examples of how the British have taken inspiration from Italy has come on the football pitch where Fabio Capello's record with England shows this collaboration," the Prince told Il Corriere Della Sera.

"And, in terms of trade which has a two-way relation, I believe that one of our players [David Beckham] is making a decisively excellent relationship at Milan."

Salvatore Landolina,