Italy Coach Lippi Tells Cassano To Continue Good Performances

The Azzurri boss has admitted there is still the possibility that 'Talentino' could feature in his side.
Sampdoria striker Antonio Cassano has been in excellent form in the 2008-09 campaign, but has not been chosen by Italy coach Marcello Lippi, since he took charge of the national team this past summer.

Many have speculated that the 61-year-old will not call up the former Roma star as he believes his behavior is too much of a liability, but Lippi has opened the door to Cassano, saying that his good performances can potentially pay off.

"Cassano? He should check his ID - if he is between 18 and 40, then he must continue to play well and when I make my choices there is a chance he will be there [in the squad]," The former Juventus boss said in an interview with Sky Sport 24.

"I have nothing in particular against him, nor anyone else. My decisions are simply based on my technical ideas."

Cassano put in another good performance this past weekend, scoring two penalties in a 3-1 victory over Lecce at the Stadio Via del Mare. The Bari-born talent has 10 goals and nine assists in Serie A this season.
His last appearance for the national team was during Euro 2008.

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Adam Scime,