Manchester United fans plan fly-by protest against Moyes

A section of the Premier League champions' supporters have raised almost 1,000 pounds to pay for a plane to fly over Old Trafford displaying the message: 'Wrong one — Moyes out.'
David Moyes's woes are likely to continue Saturday after it emerged that a group of Manchester United fans are planning to pay for a plane to carry a "Moyes out" banner over Old Trafford.

The Premier League holders are enduring their worst season in decades, with Goal UK reporting Wednesday that the club is "evaluating all possibilities" in an attempt to stop the side's slide.

And now, after the Red Devils were humbled by a 3-0 derby defeat Tuesday against rival Manchester City, supporters are plotting the most overt display of disaffection with Moyes's reign yet.

A United fans' blog,, claims that a section of fans, in reaction to a controversial "Chosen One" banner that sits inside the stadium, will send its own message during Saturday's clash with Aston Villa.

"A group of United fans have raised £840 in a day to fund a plane to fly over Old Trafford with a message reading: 'Wrong One - Moyes Out,'" states the blog.

"The message is a response to the Stretford End Flags banner which reads 'The Chosen One.'"

Some fans have called for said banner to be removed, with stewards gathering around it at full time after the defeat to City to prevent it from being taken down or defaced.

United has already lost six times at home this season, its worst record in the Premier League, and patience appears to be at breaking point for Moyes, who is readying the side for a Champions League tie against Bayern Munich.