Jose Mourinho: Too many foreign managers in England

While acknowledging his own position, the Portuguese argues that not enough homegrown coaches get the chance — even at the Championship level.
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho says that "there are too many foreign coaches" in English soccer.

The Portuguese, in his second spell in the Premier League, is set to pit his wits against Derby County manager Steve McClaren in the FA Cup third round and would like to see more homegrown talents given a chance.

Mourinho is one of nine non-British bosses in the top flight - with only four Englishmen employed - and is concerned by the five managers from outside the UK at the Championship level.

"Maybe I am speaking against myself but there are too many foreign coaches in this country," he told reporters. "I do not see any good reason for that because the British managers are not behind the foreign ones. There are many English managers but they are not getting enough jobs here.

"Influence from abroad is good - you can learn the differences from other cultures - but I think the main culture has to be always the English - or, in this case, British - culture. When I first came to England, see how many non-British coaches and managers worked in the Premier League. There were not a lot of them then. Now, things have changed and even in Championship you find foreign managers."

Rams boss McClaren failed to qualify for Euro 2008 during his time in charge of England, but went on to win the Eredivisie with FC Twente and Mourinho admires his decision to go abroad.

"The first thing that comes into my head about Steve is not being the England manager but being a champion in Holland," he said. "If you are a manager or a player and there are no jobs in your home country, then it is right to go abroad. This is a short professional life so go and enjoy yourself - you always have the chance to come back.

"So people in this country shouldn't be afraid to be a bit adventurous, like other coaches from other nationalities. Football is the same everywhere: 11 against 11, one ball and two goals."