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When asked where he could see himself playing next, the Arsenal striker said he would go to one of the Spanish giants if it were entirely up to him.

Nicklas Bendtner would relish a move to Real Madrid or Barcelona when he leaves Arsenal, if it were entirely up to him.

Bendtner attempted to leave the Emirates Stadium in the summer after falling out of favor with Arsene Wenger, but is now training with the first team again as the backup for Olivier Giroud. And the 25-year-old, who has previously faced criticism for perceived arrogance, insisted he does not consider money to be the most important factor when choosing a new club.

When asked whether he "chases the money," Bendtner told Politiken: "I do not. It is the sport that is the most important. I'm going somewhere where I know I can be happy to play. With a team where I can score goals and preferably to win something. I do not want to be sitting on the bench and staring. I love playing lots of games."

Then, when pressed on what his next club could be, the Gunners striker said: "If I could decide, Real Madrid or Barcelona."