Mourinho: Wealthy owners are good for football

With Manchester City and Chelsea set to face off on Sunday, the latter's manager insists the mega-rich owners each club can boast has helped, not hindered, the sport.
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho believes the impact of wealthy owners in football has improved the game, not damaged it.

Roman Abramovich bought the Blues in June 2003, and immediately plunged more than 1 billion pounds into the club over the following seasons as Chelsea won the Premier League title for the first time in its history two years later.

Manchester City has a similar tale with Sheikh Mansour, and as Mourinho prepares to host the oil-rich club on Sunday he insists the presence of such figures in football is key to the growth of the sport.

"Football needs sharks," Mourinho told reporters. "Football needs investment, they need people that love the game and wants to make from smaller clubs bigger clubs.

"We are a clever shark. The shark that knows when to attack and how to attack."

Abramovich's spending has eased over the past few seasons with the introduction of the Financial Fair Play rules - although Mourinho was allowed to spend upwards of 60 million pounds during the summer.

The former Real Madrid boss has given his backing to the new sanctions, insisting he is "happy" clubs are now forced to spend within their means.

"I accept the way it is. I'm happy with the way it is," Mourinho added. "I came to Chelsea to work following a certain philosophy and I'm more than happy with the support that the board and the owner have on my team. I'm more than happy with that.

"Chelsea have changed a lot because we know that the Financial Fair Play is going to be put into practice. And, of course, we want UEFA to rule the situation and to find if somebody is not doing the same."

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