Kinnear: I'm smarter than the critical Newcastle fans

The 66-year-old, who has come under fire following his arrival at St. James' Park, defended his managerial record after signing a three-year deal with the club.
Newcastle United's new director of football Joe Kinnear insists he has more intelligence than the club's fans who have criticized his appointment.

The 66-year-old, who managed the Magpies for a little more than four months during the 2008-09 season, has claimed he has signed a three-year deal with Newcastle, although the club has yet to officially confirm his appointment.

A section of Newcastle fans voiced its disapproval of Kinnear's arrival at St. James' Park, but the former Nottingham Forest manager, who claimed he was surprised by the negative reaction, refuses to accept the criticism directed his way.

"To all the Newcastle fans who don't agree with this decision, shall I bring [Derek] Llambias [managing director] back in? What do you want? What do they want?" Kinnear told talkSPORT. "I heard a silly comment of 'What can I attract?' I can open the door to any football manager in the world, anyone, that's the difference.

"I've spent my whole life talking to Alex Ferguson, week-in, week-out, what would you do? I can pick the phone up at any time of the day and speak to Arsene Wenger, any manager in the league. Any manager. In all the divisions.

"I don't know what angle they've got, if they want to sit down and argue with me. Some are talking out of their backsides, a load of tosh and I'm not accepting it. It's as simple as that. I have certainly got more intelligence than them, that's for sure."

Kinnear went on to defend his managerial record -- despite exaggerating some of his accomplishments -- which has come under scrutiny from Newcastle fans following his appointment.

"They keep saying to me 'What did I do?' Where have these people been, have they been on another planet?" Kinnear said. "I've played in five cup finals and won the lot. I've played over 400 games for Tottenham, I've been manager of the year three times, I've traveled the world as a manager.

"This job came up, which I thought was a responsible job and they are already they're jumping on the bandwagon, 'Watch out Pards' [Alan Pardew),' but that's the snidey press around that area that have a grudge. I expect it, it's water off a duck's arse."

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