Marko Marin: Next manager will determine my future at Chelsea

The diminutive German playmaker revealed to Goal that his future will be decided by the next manager at the club and also expressed his delight at the Champions League Final.
BRONX, NY -- German international Marko Marin admits that his future at Chelsea all depends on the club's next manager - likely Jose Mourinho.

Marin was asked on about whether or not, he would like to go on loan after his first season with the Blues only saw him make six appearances for the club.

"It is difficult to talk about the next season because nothing is official with the new manager," Marin told Goal. "We will have to wait on the new manager and then I'll talk to him."

Marin was considered to be a rising talent in the Bundesliga before his arrival at Chelsea last summer. Injuries were a part of his limited chances to play with the team as he missed the first half of the season with a hamstring tear. Marin wouldn't discuss whether or not he heard anything about Mourinho's potential arrival but admits that remaining Chelsea players that played under him previously are excited about the prospect of his return.

"I don't like to talk about things that maybe happen, but I only know things about him from the players who played under him," Marin said. "They were all happy with him and they will be happy if he comes."

Prior to Chelsea's 5-3 defeat to Manchester City at Yankee Stadium, Marin and his Chelsea teammates watched Bayern Munich's 2-1 win over Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League Final. Marin was proud that the two German teams played an open and entertaining match.

"It was an intensive game," Marin said. "In the first half, Dortmund were the better team but Bayern was still dangerous with some big chances. At the end, maybe's Bayern's a bit lucky, but they did really nice. They had a great season and they deserved to win the title.

"In Germany, everyone was so happy that there was a German final. Now, it's good that after a long time, a German team won."

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