Donovan had spoken with Lampard about signing with Galaxy

The U.S. international had chatted with the Chelsea legend about potentially joining the reigning MLS Cup champions, before he signed a new deal with the Blues.
NEW YORK -- Early Thursday morning, before Chelsea FC officially announced the re-signing of midfielder Frank Lampard, Los Angeles Galaxy star Landon Donovan said that he had done what he could to try and lure the Blues' all-time leading goal scorer to the reigning MLS Cup champion.

"We spoke a couple of times, he was still clearly on the deciding phase when we spoke," Donovan told Goal. "I think he would love it here."

A day after capturing the UEFA Europa League trophy, Lampard wound up re-signing with Chelsea for another season, leaving the Galaxy looking elsewhere to fill their third Designated Player slot.

"We all want a player of Frank's ability on our team, but we understand that these things are fluid," Donovan explained. "When they told us that Robbie [Keane] was coming, we were like, 'Yeah, right'. When they told us about David [Beckham] coming, we were like, 'Yeah, right, it's not going to happen.'"

As it turns out, with Lampard, it didn't.

Stay tuned for a full interview with Landon Donovan next week on Goal.

Donovan spoke with Goal as part of his Sun Blunders campaign with The Skin Cancer Foundation and Energizer to raise awareness. Read more here.

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