Bale is 'frightening' to face, admits Swansea winger Dyer

The Englishman came through the ranks at Southampton with the Wales and Tottenham star and claims to have never been in doubt about the Welshman's huge potential
Swansea winger Nathan Dyer has labelled Tottenham star Gareth Bale as "frightening" ahead of the sides' clash at the Liberty Stadium on Saturday.

The pair came through the ranks at Southampton together and the Englishman admits he always saw the huge potential in Bale at a young age.

"I feel that people develop quicker than others and he’s one of them, he’s shot up and taken it,"
Dyer told Absolute Radio. "I knew he always had great technique and ability, but for me it was the amount of power and pace that he’s got in his kit now and that’s frightening to have that, plus his height, stature and left foot."

The winger also believes that Michael Laudrup has continued fine work put in at the Liberty Stadium by Brendan Rodgers, who Dyer credits with turning the Swans into a credible top-flight force.

He continued: "They’re both great managers, I feel. I think Brendan came in and took Swansea to the next level and made us the team we are now.

"Michael Laudrup’s come in and added his few twists and bobs and put different things towards it and that’s good as long as we keep that base and just tweak a few things here and there, that’s how you get a good team.

"Our gaffer was the king of through balls so that’s why we've got a lot of chances this season, he’s always looking for that first-time pass and it’s done well for us.

"You want to adapt and you want to be able to adapt for certain games as well.

"Some games you can’t do what you normally like to do so you have to switch it and be a different player so it’s great for me to obviously have the gaffer and watch him and have him speak to me and tell me what I should do in that certain area."