Serbian FA bans two players for a year following England brawl

Ognjen Mudrinski and Nikola Ninkovic are suspended following incident at the end of their U-21 game against the Three Lions when players and staff engaged in mass melee.
The Serbian Football Association have banned Ognjen Mudrinski and Nikola Ninković from soccer for a year for their part in the brawl at the end of their game with the England Under-21 side last week.

The punishments have come as UEFA has launched its own enquiry into what happened at the end of the game between Serbia and England as players from both sets of team engaged in a mass brawl after the final whistle.

Defender Danny Rose claimed he was racially abused by members of the crowd in Serbia, and following the end of the match he showed his annoyance by kicking the ball away and was duly sent off by referee Huseyin Gocek. This appeared to kick-start the brawl, as Serbian players began to crowd around the left back, which led to shoving from both sides including players and staff from the sidelines.

Ninkovic especially made the point of confronting Rose on the pitch and pushed him slightly, which he admitted was down to his anger as he felt the 22-year-old was the instigator in the action.

"I was angered by his reaction so I rushed over to explain to him that he should not do that," Ninkovic told Serbian newspaper Novosti. "I did not mean to hit him or insult him. I walked over to him and pushed him."

Following the incident the English FA sent a dossier of evident to UEFA, including video evident of the alleged racist abuse from fans inside the stadium while their Serbian counterparts denied any such activities and blamed Rose for his 'unsportsmanlike conduct.'

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