Gylfi Sigurðsson: Tottenham's ambition is high this season

Sigurðsson explains to why he decided to join Spurs instead of Liverpool and believes in Andre Villas-Boas' vision.
BALTIMORE -- Despite being pursued by a former manager at a historic club, Gylfi Sigurðsson admits that it didn't take much for him to sign with Tottenham Hotspur.

Speaking with as Tottenham prepares to face Liverpool in Baltimore, the Icelandic midfielder believes that the club is positioned for a strong future, one that he wanted to be a part of.

"Everything [about the team is attractive]. There's a new training ground, its a massive club with fantastic players," Sigurðsson said. "There's talk about a new stadium. The ambition of the club is really high."

Sigurðsson spent last season on loan at Swansea from Hoffenheim, his first year in the English Premier League. It was expected that he would follow his coach at Swansea, Brendan Rodgers, in joining Liverpool FC. Instead, Sigurðsson declined Rodgers offer and joined Tottenham in a seven million pounds transfer.

The 22-year-old was especially dynamic in his set piece delivery with some heralding him as Iceland's version of a young David Beckham. With his skills in tow, Sigurðsson wants to help Tottenham get back into the Champions League after it narrowly missed the competition last season due to Chelsea's surprise Champions League final victory.

"Tottenham missing out on the Champions League was really unlucky," Sigurðsson said. "It's a fantastic team and hopefully we can continue to do what we did last season."


Sigurðsson was Andre Villas-Boas's first signing as head coach of Tottenham and the young player was impressed with Tottenham's decision to hire him as manager.

"He didn't really have to sell himself because what he did at Porto was fantastic," he said. "Things didn't work out for him at Chelsea but that's probably one of the hardest jobs [out there]. You've seen so many great managers go there and it hasn't happened for them. But I think he's going to do right at Tottenham. You see the players, they are enjoying training. "

With both Rafeal Van Der Vaart and Luka Modric rumored to be departing the London club, Sigurðsson has been speculated as player who can fill in the vacated roles as an attacking or central midfielder. He wouldn't be drawn into the reports about where he might play and instead insisted that his main focus is to see time on the field.

"Hopefully, it [his role] will be behind the striker or in the midfield," Sigurðsson said. "As long as I'm playing, I'm very happy. Like every other player, I want to play. So hopefully, I get some minutes under my belt. I want to do well for the team."