Huddlestone: Andre Villas-Boas has enough experience to lead Spurs

The English midfielder told that he believes that his new manager has what it takes to lead a club like Tottenham.
BALTIMORE -- While Andre Villas-Boas' age might have been a hindrance during his time at Chelsea, Tom Huddlestone believes it could serve as an advantage at Tottenham.

"Even with the managers age, he's got a lot of experience," Huddlestone explained to "We've got a pretty young squad ourselves so I think we're probably gel well with each other."

Villas-Boas struggles to adapt to the veteran squad of Chelsea were well documented.

Several of the Blues first-team players were either older or around the same age as the Portuguese manager. It is speculated that Vilas-Boas's inability to effectively communicate with Chelsea's players ultimately lead to his dismal. He wasn't able to implement the progressive tactics that made him a successful coach in Porto, where he went undefeated in his only season at the club.

While Villas-Boas tenure is only in its third week, Huddlestone believes that the personality of Tottenham's players and their new head coach have meshed well. It might be too early to tell what the differences are between the 34-year-old manager and his much older predecessor Harry Redknapp, he appreciates Villas-Boas' approach.

"I don't know if its necessarily different. Every manager has their own way of managing but he's very professional and organized," said Huddlestone. "The lads are like that anyways so I think it's a good combination."


Huddlestone also touched on his own expectations for the upcoming season. The English central midfielder suffered an injury plagued 2011-2012 campaign for Spurs, only playing in two matches. He hopes to turn it around this season and fight for a starter's spot.

"I'm not sure what my role will be this season," he added. "We've got a big squad this season and a lot of players with quality in my position. So injury problems, hopefully, I've seen the back end of them. I just have to keep myself fully fit and hopefully win my place in the starting eleven with the new manager."

Tottenham's next preseason match is against Liverpool in Baltimore's M & T Stadium on Saturday.