Liverpool Executive Chairman Werner: Even if Chelsea defeats us in FA Cup final, we are excited about LFC's progress

In a exclusive, LFC's Executive Chairman discussed how winning the FA Cup would build some momentum for next season but insists there's no pressure on Dalglish to win.
The FA Cup final on Saturday presents Liverpool with an opportunity to build momentum for next season.

Almost 50 years ago, Liverpool won its first FA Cup trophy in 1965 which sparked two decades of dominance for the club winning over 20 trophies during the span including four Champions League titles. That fact isn't lost on Liverpool's ownership.

"Wembley owns a special place for our club. I have heard stories from ex players on how important winning the FA cup was in 1965," Liverpool's Executive Chairman Tom Werner told "Winning a second cup at Wembley next week would give everyone great confidence for the new season."

While Liverpool has had a poor season in the Premier League this year, winning the FA Cup would give under-pressure manager Kenny Dalglish a strong foundation to work with next season. Even in a disappointing year, winning two trophies would likely allow the head coach to keep the respect of the team's current locker room and allow the 61-year-old to sell his philosophy to possible transfer targets.

Yet, even if Dalglish's men can't defeat Chelsea on Saturday, Werner insists that he has seen enough progress this season to back the Scottish manager's plans for the future.

"This season did not go as we had hoped in the Premier League, but we also have visited Wembley three times, and we have won the Carling Cup," Werner explained.

"Even if Chelsea defeats us, we are excited about the progress we are making and look forward to next season."