Chelsea defender David Luiz unfazed by criticism

The Brazilian international says the Blues' players were under immense pressure after going six games without a win but admits it comes with the territory of being at a big club
Chelsea defender David Luiz has stated he has full faith in his ability and won’t let doubt from his critics affect him.

The Brazilian told Chelsea TV: "The guys who have never touched a ball can't kill me. This is impossible. Because I know my life when I didn't have anything, I know my life when my family needed me a lot.

The Brazil international scored the Blues' opener in a 3-0 win over Bolton at the weekend, their first victory in six fixtures.

The goal brought to an end a difficult week for the 24-year-old, after he was criticized for his performance in Andre Villas-Boas’ side’s 3-1 defeat to Napoli.

Chelsea’s win against the Trotters was its first victory in six games and Luiz feels the pressure on the players was intensified during that spell due to the size of the club.

"I know my life when I left home at 14 years of age and I told them 'I will come back one day and give you a good life’," he said.

"I play in a big team and when a big team doesn't win for five games or six games, the pressure's so, so big. I believe in my job, I believe in my work every day, I believe in me. I know my football, I know my personality."