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Kenny Dalglish critical of 'unacceptable' Liverpool performance after frustrating draw with Swansea City

The Scot has hit out at his side's inability to put their chances away after Brendan Rodgers' team frustrated the hosts to claim a well-earned point in a 0-0 draw at Anfield

LIVERPOOL – Liverpool FC manager Kenny Dalglish has labelled his side's performance as "unacceptable" after a 0-0 draw with Swansea City at Anfield.

The Reds were frustrated by a committed Swans side and were held to their fourth home league draw in just six fixtures so far this season.

"The performance was disappointing. Swansea played the way we expected them to play but we certainly didn’t play the way we’d expected to play," Dalglish said.

The Scot admitted his side is currently suffering with an inability to put its chances away and rued an early Andy Carroll miss when the forward struck the bar from just six yards out.

"If the chance [Andy Carroll's effort that struck the bar] goes in early doors then it changes the complexion of the game but as well as giving credit to Swansea we’ve got to look at ourselves and expect better performances than we produced there," he added."

However, Dalglish admitted that despite hitting the woodwork, his team simply didn't execute like he thought it could.

"Anything we’re good at we certainly didn’t produce much of today," he continued. "We’re usually good at passing and moving but there wasn’t much of that today when we got it back we gave it away quickly and most of the times when we gave it to them they got up the pitch well."

Despite a solid defensive effort, Swansea was unable to generate much offense save for one good chance in the second half, so it was particularly problematic for Dalglish to have his team come up empty-handed and have to settle for a 0-0 draw.

"They had one chance in the second half when they put it over but as I say we’ve got to look at ourselves and understand that that level of performance is unacceptable," Dalglish said. "They played exactly like we thought they would play. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoted or you’ve been here for 10 years they’ve got their own style and they play it well."

Dalglish claimed that his side's problems did not stem from the other team, however, and said that his team's shortcomings could be fixed, saying, "The problems we’ve got there are problems we can sort ourselves."

The Liverpool manager went on to say his side will continue to work on its finishing and cursed its luck so far this season.

"We go through this after nearly every game but we must be getting closer if the goalkeeper has been tested a few times, we’re usually missing the target," he continued. "That’s 11 times we’ve hit the post or bar this season, sometimes the most important thing is to create the chances the next best thing is to put them away."

When asked if he felt Swansea had a good chance of staying the Premier League Dalgish added, "If they play like that they won’t have a problem."

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