Emmanuel Adebayor reveals that Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho encouraged his move to Tottenham

After failing to make his loan deal permanent at the White House, the Togolese striker reveals that the Bernabeu coach was key in his decision to go to White Hart Lane.
Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor has revealed that Jose Mourinho encouraged him to move to White Hart Lane after failing to make his loan spell at Real Madrid permanent.

After spending the second half of last season on loan at the Bernabeu, Adebayor had hoped to move permanently from Manchester City, but instead he moved to Tottenham. Adebayor has revealed that Mourinho said a move to Tottenham would be of benefit to him.

"I had discussion with Mourinho about the move," Adebayor told reporters. "He told me 'You have to think of your career and if you have a chance to go to Spurs, go out there, score goals and enjoy yourself again on the soccer field.'

"He is a good manager and I have always had respect for that man. Even when I came to Tottenham when I was sleeping I got a message from him. It is always nice to have a message from Jose Mourinho. He is a nice person and wish him the best of luck in Madrid this season.

"Hopefully he will achieve his target, which is to win the Champions League and the [Spanish] league."

Adebayor was also questioned about a permanent Madrid move, but said that as it was not just Mourinho making the decisions, it would have been hard to achieve.

"Politically it is always difficult. There is not just one man deciding," he said. "If it was just Mourinho, for sure I would be in Madrid now.

"I am happy with what I did last season and he can ask [to sign me], but he cannot make the decision.

"We have been in contact throughout all the holidays and he gave me the go ahead to go to Tottenham and I am very happy to be here today."

The Togolese striker also said there are many similarities between Mourinho and his manager at Tottenham, Harry Redknapp, in that they share similar views on man-management.

"I would say Harry [is similar] to Mourinho because of the way he treats players and gives you confidence," he said. "When I went to Madrid that is what I got.

"That sensation when Mourinho said: 'Adebayor we know you are creative, we know what you can do on the soccer field' and he said 'go out there and enjoy yourself - I cannot tell go left or go round because you know what to do on the soccer field.'

"I had the same discussion with Harry and he told me the same thing. For me as a player, that is what I need."