Kenny Dalglish says Liverpool is being 'battered' by refereeing decisions after defeat to Stoke

The Scot believes his side has suffered from contentions decisions in every Premier League match this season and will discuss how to approach the issue with the club's owners.
STOKE, England -- Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish could barely hide his anger at several refereeing decisions following his side's defeat to Stoke City, and said his team has been "battered" by things outside of its control.

"We can only do what we can do ourselves, sometimes things are taken outside your jurisdiction, and if you continue to play like that – with the commitment – we'll be OK this season," Dalglish said.

"But if we continually get battered by things that are outside our control then we're not going to have much chance. The first four league games have all had a contentious decisions and every one has gone against us."

The veteran manager repeatedly and pointedly said that he would consult the club's owners about what course of action to take after his side saw decisions go against them when it went down 1-0 in controversial circumstances.

"We would like to be respectful to the referees and I think we have been respectful to the referees, but more important than being respectful to referees and their campaign is having respect for my football club, our football club, Liverpool Football Club, and if I feel that they're suffering in any way, shape or form, I'll need to go the same route some other people do, and see if we can gain some benefit from that," Dalglish said.

"I'll speak to the owners first, see what they say because the last thing I want to do is for my behaviour to impinge on the club's success in any way, shape or form."

Asked what options he could take, he repeatedly stated, "I'll speak to the owners first."

Stoke City's goal came via a contentious penalty after Jamie Carragher was deemed to have illegally brought down Jonathan Walters, who converted from the spot, in the area after both players battled in the box.

"I just can't see how that it's a penalty kick. I just can't," Dalglish said.

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