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Black Cats boss believes Atwell got it wrong.

Sunderland manager Steve Bruce was fuming after watching referee Stewart Atwell award Liverpool a controversial early goal in his side’s 2-2 draw at Anfield.

The Black Cats manager could not hide his anger after the final whistle, when he spoke to Sky Sports, saying: “For me it’s unjust, it’s unsportsmanlike, it’s not in the rules of the game and they’ve capitalised on it.

“I think everybody in the ground, including the Liverpool team knew that Michael Turner didn’t take the free kick. He’s actually passing it back to the goalkeeper to take the free kick from were it should have been taken from.

“If Michael Turner had taken it and gone forward the referee would have whistled and said that it was 25 yards back were the incident took place. I looked at the referee and he went three, four times with his mouth to the whistle and he’s got it wrong and it’s hard enough to come and play Liverpool.”

On his side’s performance, Bruce was extremely proud, saying: “I want to talk about the team, they were great, they were fantastic, even when Liverpool get a goal start they’ve responded in the right way and they could have won the match.”

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