Confederations Cup: Fans Proud Of Bafana, Back Brazil To Win

The feeling in South Africa ahead of the Brazil – South Africa Confederations Cup encounter is one of ‘nothing to lose’, and pride for what the national side have accomplished.

South Africa is buzzing about the game tonight between Bafana Bafana and Brazil, and even though most people agree that South Africa will lose, there is a feeling of "anything can happen", and the stadium will be packed with supporters on the night in Ellis Park.

At an indoor football complex in Edenvale, a suburb of Johannesburg, spoke to a few football fans to get their take on the encounter.

Alexander is sure of a Brazil victory, but he is also satisfied at what Bafana have achieved thus far. “Before the tournament no one really gave them much of a chance, but they got through to the semi-final and that is enough for us to gain confidence in them again, plus every tough game against Spain or Brazil is big experience points for the squad.”

Maria also complimented the home side, but being Portuguese, his allegiance was to the Samba Boys. “Brazil have a record that speaks for itself. South Africa are not easy to beat because of the home crowd advantage, but Kaka and Robinho have bags of skill and talent in attack for Brazil.”

Saul was hoping for an upset. “No one thought that the USA team would beat Spain, no one, so who knows, maybe South Africa can pull off an upset against the Brazilian team. The support is definitely there, and it is a matter of taking chances up front and defending well.”

Alta had a different opinion from Saul, believing that Brazil would prove too strong for the South Africans. “Brazil are the best team in the Confed Cup, so they will steamroll over Bafana and then beat the Americans in the final. South Africa have done well to get this far, but I don’t think they will go any further. Would be nice to see them come third against Spain.”

Peter Pedroncelli,

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