FIFA appoint emergency committee in Indonesia to stabilize nation’s football

FIFA no longer acknowledge the Indonesia FA presidency and have taken steps to reorganize elections in the country, a statement from the football governing body said on Monday…

Football’s world football governing body FIFA have appointed a committee to take over the running of Indonesian football from the country’s federation.

FIFA made the announcement on Monday and in a statement said that the normalization committee will organize presidential elections for the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) by the end of next month and also stop a rebel league. The committee will run the association from now on a daily basis.

"The FIFA emergency committee came to the conclusion that the PSSI leadership had lost all credibility within Indonesia and was not in a position any more to lead the process to solve the current crisis," read the statement.

FIFA further added that the PSSI’s lack of authority and control was "proven by the failure to gain control of the breakaway league, set up without the involvement of PSSI, or by the fact it could not organize a congress whose sole goals were to adopt an electoral code and elect an electoral commission.

"The mission of the normalization committee is to organize elections based on the FIFA electoral code and PSSI statutes before May 21, to bring the run-away league under PSSI control [and] to run the day-to-day activities of PSSI in a spirit of reconciliation for the good of the Indonesian football.”

The decision comes ten days after attempts to organize the first PSSI elections in four years were foiled following claims of chairman Nurdin Halid’s opponents that they have been denied voting rights.

According to Reuters, Halid went to prison in 2007 for misusing funds but continued to run the PSSI from there. This is his second term as the president of the country’s football association but has had to confront increased criticism following Indonesian teams’ poor performance.

The emergency committee put into office by FIFA will consist of football figures of Indonesia who will not be able to run for any PSSI positions and will act as an electoral commission.

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