Nestor Gorosito: Having Drawn The Superclasico Was Unfair

The River Plate boss said that his team's 1-1 draw with Boca Juniors was "unfair" because they deserved to win the match.
Nestor Gorosito, the coach of River Plate, was satisfied with the manner in which his team played in the final moments of the Superclasico against River Plate on Sunday.

But despite this, he said that draw left him with "a sour feeling" because, in his opinion, River generated a number of chances to claim the three points at La Bombonera.

"I think the result was unfair, it had been a while that River didn't play a match where the visitors couldn't attack much, but I leave with a sour taste because of the chance Falcao missed at the end," said Gorosito.

The River boss admitted that it was an evenly disputed match, and that he was happy with his team's performance.

"In the first half Boca controlled the ball more, and they created some opportunities, but not many. Controlling the ball in the middle cost us, and that's why we weren't as strong. But after Boca's goal things changed.

"We controlled the match, we drew level and we generated enough opportunities to win the match. I think left a good impression in the last 30 minutes."

Finally, Gorosito referred to the reaction Cristian Fabbiani had when he kicked an advertising board after being replaced by Mauro Rosales in the second half.

"He is a River fan and I understand why he was mad, it is logical. he kicked the sign for his frustration, nothing more. It wasn't directed to anybody, not even to me."

Gregory Sica,