Pele Claims Ronaldo And Robinho Took Drugs

In statements that will surely rock Brazilian football, the country's greatest ever player has accused two modern-day samba stars of substance abuse.
Brazilian legend Pele has made comments that are sure to generate massive controversy in the footballing world, after he indicated that Ronaldo and Robinho took drugs at a private event in Sao Paulo with businessmen in the tourist sector.

Pele is currently appearing in court in relation to a case involving his son Edinho, who has confessed to being addicted to cocaine. According to the radio station Jovem Pan, Pele told the court, "It is unfair to talk about drugs in football because of just one or two cases, like Ronaldo and Robinho, who have that problem."

Pele also criticised his old foe Diego Maradona, presently the coach of Argentina, for being a "negative example".

"He was an excellent player but unfortunately everyone can see what he has done with his life," the Santos icon said.

He then cited Kaka, Michel Platini and Franz Beckenbauer as ideal role models to follow, stressing that these types of figures in world football more than make up for the less savoury side of the sport.

"Kaka is an example of a great role model, and beside him there are others like Platini, Beckenbauer and many others," Pele said. "There are a lot of good people and it is unfair to focus on an isolated case."

Arjun Miglani,