Agent: Giuseppe Rossi's Barcelona transfer has gone up in smoke

The Italy forward is now "looking at different opportunities" over his future after seeing a move to Camp Nou fizzle out, his representative has explained
Villarreal striker Giuseppe Rossi's Barcelona dreams are over for now.

According to the Italy international's agent Federico Pastorello, negotiations with the Spanish side have stalled and his client will continue searching for alternative plans.

"Rossi to Barcelona? The deal has definitively gone up in smoke,"the agent told Sky Sport Italia. "For Rossi we are now looking at different opportunities, but we cannot exclude a stay at Villarreal."

The 24-year-old striker, who scored a total of 32 goals last season, has long been linked with the Catalan club. But it seems the imminent arrival of Alexis Sanchez from Udinese has put less emphasis on his transfer to Camp Nou.

Pastorello recently claimed neither side could reach an agreement over a transfer fee after Pep Guardiola's men were said to have offered less than 30 million euros.

"How much is he worth? It's hard to tell, but he is a top player," Pastorello said, according to Sky Sport Italia. "In any case we are not despairing, when big teams move on the market it usually has a domino effect and so something could happen."

Juventus and Atletico Madrid have also been linked with Rossi, who told earlier this month that he is hoping one of Europe's biggest clubs come calling.

"I think it's a dream for all soccer players to play for the biggest clubs whether it's Man U, Barca or Real Madrid. Those are the best clubs in the world," Rossi said. “So I'm no different. Therefore, I want to keep working hard and see what can come out of it.”

Rossi was in his native New Jersey in June as rumors circulated about his possible move to Barcelona and other clubs, but he says he is just trying to relax and let his agent handle the negotiations.

"I'm not really trying to think of it as much because there's been some stuff in the papers, things that aren't true, aren't correct, so I'm not going to get my hopes up," Rossi said.

"I try to not read (the newspapers) as much as possible because if I want to get some information, I have other people who I have to go to," he added.

Rossi has a deal with Villarreal until 2016.

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