Tevez Takes Fresh Swipe At Ferguson

After Sir Alex earlier criticized the player for ignoring his messages, 'Carlitos' accused his ex-boss of his own lack of communication.
New Manchester City recruit Carlos Tevez has had one final dig at Sir Alex Ferguson, having finally sealed his move away from Manchester United.

At his unveiling as a City player, Tevez was keen to stress that he still felt admiration for his old club, if not the management.

"The first thing United's fans have to understand is that a part of my heart will always be with them," Tevez said,

"They were very supportive and they always made me feel good even when I wasn't playing so I will always keep that in my heart. The second point is that the reason I did not stay at United was nothing to do with the fans.

"It was because Alex Ferguson and David Gill did not want to keep me there. I want to thank Ferguson, Gill and the fanbase for the years I spent there, but this is my new life, a new challenge.

"It is time that Ferguson and Gill took responsibility for the fact that I joined City because they didn't want to offer me a contract and keep me there until it was too late."

Sir Alex had recently commented that Tevez had ignored his SMS messages while thinking over his future, but the Argentine striker said that Ferguson had acted in much the same way towards him.

"Over two years there was only one time he [Ferguson] contacted me," he continued.

"When somebody doesn't talk to you, or make any effort to contact you over two years, then to expect an SMS message to be returned is out of the question.

"There was no line of communication and I don't think this is the way to treat a player who has been at the club for two years."

Arjun Miglani, Goal.com

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