Casillas and Kaka in the Fan Park

Upload videos, share photos, post messages and predict the results at the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil with Hyundai’s unique "Pin My Fan Park" experience.
Iker Casillas and Kaka are inviting supporters to share their favorite FIFA World Cup™ moments with thousands of other football devotees at Hyundai's "Pin My Fan Park".

The finals in Brazil will be the culmination of a glorious journey for so many players and teams, so what better way to celebrate than for fans from around the world to come together to share their passion?

From Nigeria to USA, Japan to England, from Australia to Brazil, Hyundai’s "Pin my Fan Park" is all-embracing, giving fans the opportunity to put their support on the map through digital pins.

Hyundai’s project is about breaking down geographical barriers through social interaction, it is a monument to the shared global experience that makes the FIFA World Cup™ so special.

Fans can personalize and customize Fan Parks as well as post messages, share photos and upload videos.

Brazil forward Kaka and Spain goalkeeper Casillas, two legends of the game, will be joining in, sharing their FIFA World Cup™ music playlist using a Spotify app.

Whether it is pre-match predictions, reaction to decisive moments or comments after FIFA World Cup 2014™ games are over, Hyundai’s "Pin My Fan Park" will be a thriving hub of interactivity before, during and after the finals.

Click here to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ with "Pin My Fan Park" at Hyundai's microsite or watch the video below for more information.