FIFA responds to Amnesty International‏: Qatar addressing labor laws

Soccer's governing body has claimed that Qatar already has begun addressing allegations of human rights abuses on work sites.
FIFA has claimed steps are in place to improve conditions for construction workers in Qatar ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

A report from Amnesty International published Sunday claimed instances of human rights abuses had been found on several sites within the Arabian state, claiming some laborers were suffering from "severe psychological distress" from being "treated like cattle" and living in "squalid, overcrowded accommodation".

However, FIFA says it shares the charity organization's "respect of human rights and dignity" and insisted initiatives are in place to help improve labor laws and increase transparency.

"The state of Qatar is aware of various issues and has already started to react," the organization told Perform. "FIFA has been informed by the Qatari authorities that the labor laws and labor system will be amended - a process which has already started. Special attention will be paid to the different inspections that are necessary, the government inspectors will receive more powers to enforce the labor legislation."

"The event organisers have released a workers' welfare charter, which is publicly available, and are currently developing their workers’ welfare standards," the statement reads. "It is FIFA's aim that the host countries of our flagship event ensure healthy, safe and dignified working conditions for all - nationals and foreigners, including construction workers - involved in the preparation of the event."