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The star complains about certain decisions not made by the Englishman.

An angry and frustrated Netherlands winger Arjen Robben says Spain defender Carles Puyol should have been sent off with 10 minutes from time, as the Oranje lost 1-0 in the final of the World Cup.

The Barcelona stopper made a last-gasp tackle on the Bayern Munich striker, but Robben believes a penalty should have been awarded, and the defender sent off for a second bookable offense.

"When I got my second chance, the referee should have given us a free kick and Puyol a [second] yellow card," Robben told Reuters." He gave the advantage, but there was none as I could hardly move and the goalkeeper [Iker Casillas] was too close already.

"As a player, you always want to go on and especially 10 minutes before time in a World Cup final when you are heading towards the goal.

"When I missed my first chance it was simply my error. I was not patient enough and should have gone around him instead of a poor finish."
The Oranje star was also highly critical of English referee Howard Webb.

"When you play in a World Cup final, you also need a world-class referee," he added.

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