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San Iker has modestly credited Reina for the tip that helped him stop the penalty.

Hailed as the hero of Spain's triumph over Paraguay (along with goalscorer David Villa) with at least two crucial saves, including stopping a penalty, Spanish goalkeeper and captian Iker Casillas has deflected the credit, instead dedicating his save to second-string keeper Pepe Reina.

"Reina told me where he [Cardozo] would shoot. He is phenomenal", said the Real Madrid 'keeper of his Liverpool counterpart. Shortly after saving the spot-kick, Saint Iker could be seen pointing to the sideline, presumably at Reina, in appreciation of the tip-off.

The Spanish captain praised his team for their hard-fought win against Paraguay, but also remained cautious ahead of the semi-final tie against Germany. "This team has a lot of quality and can go very far. But we have to be careful because Germany has a great team and we need to have respect for them".

Living in the moment though, the euphoric Casillas finished by emphasising the importance of Spain's historic progression to the semifinals, especially for Spanish fans. "We have superseded a psychological barrier and now we are going for it all."

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