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The eccentric Albiceleste coach responds to German criticism in the way only he can.

Argentina coach Diego Maradona laughed off German criticism of his team's play, suggesting that it showed the Europeans were running scared ahead of Saturday's quarter final.

"We don't have time to think of (Bastian) Schweinsteiger, the boys are thinking about getting on the field and playing a 2006 rematch. So it doesn't worry me what he says about penalties, kicks, that we don't know how to lose, it doesn't interest us," the outspoken trainer insisted in an interview with Fox Sports on Wednesday.

"A different game is played every match and this is going to be different, because we are coming out to attack them and play in their faces. This is what has them nervous."

'El Pelusa' then faced directly into the camera and in his best imitation of a Teutonic accent posed the question to the German: "What's the matter Schweinsteiger? Are you nervoushh?"

Maradona also fielded questions about the composition of his team, ruling out going back to the 4-4-2 he used in an earlier friendly against the Germans and in the final World Cup qualifier.

"Those games were tactically perfect, but in that moment and under a different necessity. Now it would be a sin to change back with the players that we have."

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