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The Barcelona star had taken a bet with the coach, saying that he would score against the Mexicans, but the tactician won.

Argentina striker Lionel Messi may have been a key figure for the Albiceleste against Mexico, securing a 3-1 victory, but he lost a bet with coach Diego Maradona over when he would score.

Messi is still without a goal in the tournament, and came close this evening to chipping the goalkeeper, but team-mate Carlos Tevez got the final touch on the ball.

"I could have scored a goal this evening," Messi told Ole post-match. "I had many shots, but had no luck.

"Hopefully, I will get one against Germany.

"We played against a great team, and we were fortunate to score two goals in the first half, and control the match from there.

"We became a stronger team when we had the ball.

"I am feeling fine, and there still a few games to go. I feel comfortable and happy on the pitch.

Messi also looked towards Argentina's next match against Germany.

"Everybody knows everybody, having played one another in a friendly recently. It will be tough," he concluded.

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