World Cup 2010: Capello Blasts FIFA For Lack Of Technology After Disallowed Lampard Goal

Veteran coach defends players after thrashing.
England boss Fabio Capello believes that Frank Lampard's disallowed goal changed the course of his side's World Cup thrashing at the hands of Germany.

The Chelsea midfielder saw a first half shot, with the score at 2-1, cross the line behind Manuel Neuer but failed to be awarded a goal as England went on to lose 4-1 after a second half capitulation.

"It [the decision not to award a goal] was one of the most important things of the game," Capello told BBC Sport.

"To draw was important, we could have played with a different style.

"I don't understand the [lack of] technology. With it we don't stand here and talk about 'goal or no goal', I can't understand why."

Had the goal stood, England would have gone into the break at 2-2 having come back from goals from Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski, and Capello insists his side had a good chance of equalizing at only a goal down.

He added: "We played, I think, well when we played at 2-1. After we [conceded] the third goal we were a little disappointed with the mistake we made and they played on the counter attack."

Asked specifically why it was that so many of his 'big' players had not performed, Capello replied: "They played well. Germany is one of the bigger teams here and they played a good game; we made some mistakes when they played on the counter attack.

"The referee made mistakes. This is football."

Capello was also at a loss to explain how England had suffered such a defeat.

He continued: "Yes [we struggle], I don't know how.

"We beat Germany in Germany, and today we played a good game at 2-1. It's the little things that decide it always."

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