thumbnail Hello, ranks the players who featured in Serbia's 1-0 win over Germany


Neuer - 6.5: On his day, he might have been able to block Jovanovic's winner, but to be fair, the Schalke man had little chance to make the save. He ultimately had very little to deal with, but positioned himself well and took care of the threats that came his way.

Lahm - 6: Unable to get forward and provide the width that Germany so sorely needed. Accordingly, Mueller had to send the ball inward from the right flank, a skill that the youngster has yet to develop. Lahm played well defensively and passed well from deep, but will need to do more in attack if Germany are to advance deeper in the tournament.

Mertesacker - 5.5: Was not quite able to prevent the goal, but otherwise played a rather solid game. The German defense opened up late, but that was after it was reduced to three men and Loew had resorted to rather desperate measures.

Friedrich - 4.5: Did what most defenders would do in the play leading up to the goal, but still should take fault for not rushing to mark Jovanovic after Krasic' cross was delivered. Also played a very loose pass late in the game that almost resulted in a second goal for the Serbs.

Badstuber - 4: Manhandled by Krasic. He's a good central defender, but lacks the pace and agility to keep up with wingers, and it showed today. Nearly every Serbian attack came from his side, and the Bayern Munich man was unable to cope with the pressure.

Schweinsteiger - 6.5: Distributed the ball well, but looked sedated at times. He normally plays robustly, but with the referee giving bookings like candy, Schweinsteiger often took the split second to think before committing himself. The 25-year old went forward more today than against Australia, and provided some good balls forward, but they weren't enough.

Khedira - 6.5: Struck the underside of the crossbar late in the first half and completed an impressive 51 of his 55 passes despite being faced with a packed Serbian midfield. As usual, the Stuttgart man ran more than any of his teammates, went forward, and never compromised his position.

Mueller - 5: Put his powerful frame to good use and exhibited typically good movement, but his crossing was abysmal. His inability to deliver the ball from wide highlights Mueller's need to have Lahm supporting him, and exemplifies how the 20-year old really is more of a central player than a winger.

Oezil - 5.5: For once in his life, the tricky attacker was marked out of the match. He came to life for a few moments in the second half and delivered a gorgeous through ball to Podolski, who failed to convert. With all thins considered, though, it wasn't his day.

Podolski - 4: Did well in the build-up to Germany's attacks, but showed his club form when it mattered most. He simply could not finish, and that was highlighted with his one-on-one and penalty misses, both of which were very poorly struck. He also was very selfish, opting to shoot late in the game rather than play a return pass to Marin, who would have been wide open. The Jeckyll/Hyde parallel continues.

Klose - NA: Committed three fouls and received two very controversial bookings. Perhaps he should have been less aggressive after his initial carding, but pressuring defenders is his style of play, so one has to feel compassion for him. If today was his last World Cup match, it is a cruel, cruel way for him to exit the international stage.


Cacau - 7: Had many touches on the ball, but had to compromise his position as a striker. Drifted all over the park, but rarely ventured into the penalty area.

Marin - 6: Came on to play as a spark plug in Ozil's stead, and although he hit the target once, he never really pressured Stojkovic. He usually plays more directly, but Marin was well marked, and unable to run at his opponents.

Gomez - NA


Stojkovic – 6.5:
Will be remembered for his excellent penalty save, but the Sporting goalkeeper also nearly gifted Khedira a goal in the first half. Like Neuer, he ultimately did not have very many stops to make, but did well to snuff out any danger that came his way.

Ivanovic – 7:
Linked very well with Krasic, but occasionally struggled to contain Podolski. Was not punished, however. The Chelsea man was booked early, but did well not to earn a sending off despite the referee's card-happy tendencies.

Subotic – 8:
His team's best defender, and candidate for man of the match. The Dortmund centre half provided support for Ivanovic and Vidic, and absolutely would not yield space for the German attackers to exploit. A rock in the center of defense.

Vidic – 6.5:
Made a few decisive challenges and never set a foot wrong in his tackling and marking, but conceded an absolutely needless penalty in the second half. Also distributed well from the back. It's really a shame that his hand ball marred an otherwise sparkling performance.

Kolarov – 7.5:
Like Ivanovic, the Lazio man was very, very impressive at the back, and despite earning an early booking, managed to cleanly play the rest of the game. His pressure at the attacking end forced Lahm to play in a more withdrawn role, and effectively eliminated Germany's ability to attack wide.

Krasic – 8:
Man of the match. The CSKA Moscow winger was too tricky for Badstuber to contain, and was at the heart of nearly every attacking run his team made. His moves were the only ones Serbia could use to get behind the German defense, and surely enough it was his play that catalyzed the winner.

Ninkovic – 6:
Played second fiddle to Stankovic, but did well to pressure the German central midfielders and play his part in plugging the centre. Eventually replaced by the more defensive-minded Kacar.

Kuzmanovic – 7:
Marked Ozil exceptionally well, and served as the central pivot for the Serbian attack. His ability to spread the ball wide over long distances spread the German defense, and perhaps should have catalyzed more goals for Serbia.

Stankovic – 7.5:
The more forward fulcrum of the Serbian midfield, Stankovic distributed well, finding Krasic, Zigic, and Jovanovic with some lovely passes. Failed to win the possession battle despite having a numerical advantage, however.

Jovanovic – 7:
Scored the only goal of the game, which in itself is worth a high rating. Otherwise, the newly-signed Liverpool man was rather disappointing. Of all the Serbian players, only the substitute Kacar completed fewer passes than him. Nonetheless, Jovanovic was in the right place at the right time.

Zigic – 7.5:
The towering striker used his height to pose a real problem for the German defenders. The Birmingham man assisted Jovanovic' winner, rattled the crossbar with an effort of his own, and used his physicality to win long balls and tee up his teammates.


Kacar – 6.5:
Covered a very large distance in his limited playing time, and filled in everywhere on the defensive end. His fresh legs helped prevent Lahm's runs late in the game.

Petrovic – 6.5:
Came on for Kuzmanovic for the final quarter hour, and like Kacar, filled in wherever needed. Provided support for Ivanovic when Marin looked like attacking, and also prevented the Germans from making any attacks through the middle.

Lazovic – NA

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