World Cup 2010: Germany Coach Joachim Loew Ready For Tough Test Against Serbia

German coach keeping his players’ feet on the ground.
Ahead of Germany's World Cup Group D clash with Serbia tomorrow, coach Joachim Loew addressed a press conference today discussing his side’s chances against Radomir Antic’s team.

Well, as far as our team is concerned, everyone is OK,” he said, revealing he has no injury problems ahead the match.

“[Bastian] Schweinsteiger had a cold but today he participated in training again. So all players can be used for the match tomorrow against Serbia.”

Technically speaking they are very skilled - it's very hard to tackle and win the ball,” he continued, insisting his team were in for a test tomorrow.

“They're very sophisticated in their play and passing so they can dominate a match very easily from a football standpoint, and at all times they are dangerous and can score.

“It's going to be tough,” he admitted. “In Serbian culture they are very strong fighters and are able to deliver on their promises. They were criticized heavily over the past few days so I expect a very hard team compared to the first match. They have a strong fighting spirit and will go the extra mile until the last minute.”

Loew went on to discuss his team and assured the press that he wouldn’t allow his players to get carried away following their impressive 4-0 victory over Australia last week.

“We know there was a lot of applause,” he said. “So we kept a distance between our performance and the result.

“There is no guarantee for success ladies and gentlemen, we must be careful as the tournament just started. You don't know how players will perform under great pressure. What I can promise is that we are extremely motivated and have great potential. There will be more difficult games, including tomorrow's, and we are hungry.”

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