World Cup 2010 EXCLUSIVE: Yaya Toure - Cote d’Ivoire Should Have Beaten Portugal

The Ivorian midfielder has lamented the chances his side missed, though he is upbeat over the Elephants’ chances for progression deeper in the tournament.
After Cote d’Ivoire’s 0-0 draw with Portugal, caught up with Yaya Toure to discover his thoughts about the game. Yaya, were you the better team and did you deserved to win?

YT: Yes, it was fairly complicated. We had a lot of chances but we always missed the last pass, but we'll try to work on it. Do you have regrets about the score of the match?

YT: Yes, because we should have scored a goal. But it was a good match; we'll try to watch the video and correct our mistakes. Was the return of Didier Drogba beneficial for the team?

YT: Yes, it was good for the team but, as we said, we have many players at a good level. I’m thinking of Gervinho or Salomon Kalou, who have been good. I think it bodes well, although for now, the most important thing was to take confidence. For the remainder [of the tournament] that will be important. Do you consider that this result is satisfactory?

YT: Frankly, we could do better, but hey, I think that even if Portugal are a great team, we will have to improve later. Is the team a bit tense in the current context?

YT: No, no, not tense at all. We are a good team, especially with young Gervinho. Is it difficult to play in the current conditions, which have been questioned?

YT: No. We are more or less familiar with them. It is true that in Africa it can be a lot warmer. It is a plus. And the ball, did it cause you problems?

YT: No. We like the ball a lot – apart from the goalkeeper, who may have difficulties. What did Sven-Goran Eriksson say at the end of the match?

YT: He told us we could do better. We could have scored a goal given our opportunities, but it's a good omen for the future. Did you have a plan against Cristiano Ronaldo?

YT: No, no, [we had] no anti-Ronaldo plan...

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