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Les Fennecs are disappointed after their 1-0 defeat against Slovenia, but they still hope to progress to the last 16.

In an exclusive interview with, Algeria's Karim Matmour has been looking ahead to Les Fennecs' clash with England on Friday. Karim Matmour, how did the team feel about your first match against Slovenia?

KM: We are particularly frustrated with this result because there was room to do better, especially with the way the encounter went. We have already put this match behind us, but the scenario is not favorable. The squad has already forgotten this match and is now turned towards the next one. What are the aspects of the game that Algeria should correct?

KM: We must develop our attacking game; the relationship between midfielders and attackers. This is where we had the most difficulty. We had problems playing in behind because the grass was slick and the balls gained a lot of pace [off the turf]. We tried to adapt. Aside from that, I think it [the performance] was not so bad for our entry into the World Cup. On a personal level, how do you feel you did in this game?

KM: I felt good. I did not really feel the pressure of the challenge as one might expect. I concentrated on my performance. I would say I felt no more pressure than with the matches of the Africa Cup of Nations. England are the next opponents of Algeria, how do you approach the match?

KM: I think it will be a final for both teams. We need points too. There needs to be a winner of this match, otherwise it will be very difficult for both us and them [to qualify]. So I think that both teams will be playing to win. What are the qualities and defects of Fabio Capello’s side?

KM: I think everyone knows the qualities of this team. There are great individuals in all positions. But this quality can also be a negative because it is often seen with large teams that individuals have difficulty in working together and are not always a great team. We also have qualities and I think we need not be ashamed. Anyway, we will give everything in this game.

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