World Cup 2010: Mexico's Jorge Torres Nilo Tells Supporters To Have Faith

Mexico have looked rather pedestrian in a string of recent friendlies but young defender Jorge Torres Nilo said to have faith in the team.
Mexico reeled off three consecutive victories in the last week, but the team has not exactly been overpowering.

Questions about Mexico's ability to finish have arisen, as all three wins have been by 1-0. However, there is reason to be optimistic, said defender Jorge Torres Nilo. The young Atlas defender said once the entire group gets together, the team will come together much better than it has been.

"I can tell the supporters to have a lot of faith, to not get anxious," Torres Nile told reporters. "Mexico will improve, will finish all the chances they generate and if we see that we are still not at 100 percent it's because we're in training camp, but to have faith that on June 11 they'll see the best the national team has played in years."

Such problems as lack of finishing are typical problems teams face in preseason, and Torres Nilo said Mexico are essentially in their preseason.

"The team has gotten better since the start of the camp," Torres Nilo said. "We've generated scoring chances and I'm sure that the goals will come in due time.

I'm sure that once our teammates join us, it will be a team that is more capable everywhere on the field."

While Torres Nilo is confident the team will show well at the World Cup, he is not exactly guaranteed of being there. Torres Nilo faces strong competition for a roster spot and given the number of other more experienced defenders, he could easily be left behind.

But he said he is in the same category as everyone else - hopefuly of a spot.

"Nothing is set until the final roster is known. Nobody feels certain. We are all fighting for a spot and we know that everyone has a chance," Torres Nilo said. "We just have to do our work and the manager will decide."

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