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Mexico and South Africa open the World Cup on June 11.

Mexico were drawn into a challenging position for the World Cup. El Tri will have the potentially honorable - or potentially unenviable - task of opening the World Cup.

On June 11, Mexico and South Africa will play the first game of the 2010 World Cup, and for Mexico the match is all but do-or-die.

Mexico manager Javier Aguirre said that the level of competition will increase significantly from games one to two - Mexico will play France on June 17.

"France is more of a team and has more talent, both individual and collective. Uruguay too," Aguirre said at a press conference. "That's why the match against South Africa is fundamental, because we then have to look for our pass agianst France or Uruguay."

South Africa got out of their group at the Confederations Cup in 2009 and gave Brazil a contest before falling short. The home support was a factor then, and could play into their contest this year, but Aguirre maintained that South Africa's level was beneath that of France and Uruguay.

"Their players run and fight all game long, and on top of that they have the excitement of their supporters," Aguirre said. "In terms of football, I get the impression that they are below the other two teams."

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