World Cup 2010: Group C Reactions - The Experts' Call's local experts give their opinion of how the four nations might fare.

So how confident are England, USA, Algeria and Slovenia about their respective chances of advancing from Group C? asked our local experts for each of the nations to give us their own unique take:

Are you happy with the draw. Why or why not?

Sulmaan Ahmad - England: Yes, it is a favorable group without question. These are the kinds of countries that Capello has already proven more than able to beat with ease during his time as manager. In addition, there will be the game against the USA, which will be great for the fans, as the two most-supported nations in attendance, other than the hosts.

Noah Davis - USA: A wonderful draw for the U.S. England will present a challenge, but the Americans can earn a point against the perpetual underachievers. Algeria is one of the weakest squads in the 32-team field, and Slovenia, although it defeated Russia, will struggle on the world stage.

Naim Beneddra - Algeria: It is a difficult draw, but that could have been worse. We fell on England, one of the principal favorites of the tournament, and the United States, the most frightening selection of the second pot. Afterwards, we requested to avoid France and Portugal and our prayers were heard. Even if Slovenia eliminated Russia, we are trustful and if this first match is won, all is possible.

Tine Zupan - Slovenia: I am very happy with the draw. The group gives Slovenia hope of progression to the next round. Playing England and the USA will also be a good way to represent ourselves to a broader audience. The schedule also suits us, since we play England on the last day. They could be through by then and could field a second string team.

On the rise |
USA reached Confederations Cup final

What will the final standing be?

Sulmaan Ahmad - England: England will have to top the group and USA favorites to finish second after their great Confederations Cup. Between Algeria and Slovenia, it will be close to see who finishes third.

Noah Davis - USA: England (7 points), USA (7), Slovenia (1)
Algeria (1)

Naim Beneddra - Algeria: The final classification of this group, I will risk it and say that Algeria will finish second behind England. Let us be optimistic. The United States will be third and Slovenia last.

Tine Zupan - Slovenia: I would predict England winning the group, Slovenia coming in second, and the USA edging Algeria to third place.

Top man |
Rooney is most feared in Group C

Who is the top player in the group?  

Sulmaan Ahmad - England: The player of the group is Wayne Rooney. He has a thirst for the big occasion - even with his country - and will no doubt be eager to pit himself against this opposition. Close in second is Steven Gerrard, while Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan from the USA could turn out some special performances.

Noah Davis - USA: It has to be Wayne Rooney. The bullish Brit will put England on his shoulders and carry them through to the knockout stage. The only question is how far he'll take the Three Lions.

Naim Beneddra - Algeria: I would be tempted to say Karim Ziani. No, more seriously, I would say that it is Steven Gerrard, the strategist of the English selection.

Tine Zupan - Slovenia: There is no doubt that the top player from the group is one of the English stars. I would place Wayne Rooney just before Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. Then there's John Terry and of course David Beckham who is still a player that draws the crowd.

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