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World Cup final loss results in riots in Argentina

A positive atmosphere quickly turned sour when a group of violent fans clashed with police in the Argentine capital following the loss to Germany.

Argentina's 1-0 World Cup final defeat after extra time against Germany on Sunday lead to riots in Buenos Aires.

Thousands of fans had gathered around the city's central Obelisk monument before the game to watch Alejandro Sabella's men take on Germany in a bid to win their third world title.

Initially, there was a celebratory atmosphere — even after Argentina was beaten following Mario Gotze's winner in extra time — but things turned sour when a number of hooligans started throwing rocks at police.

CHAOS | Riot police use tear gas as some fans turn aggressive

Local media then captured incidents of looting in central Buenos Aires as the situation got out of control later in the evening, with perpetrators damaging shop fronts and street lights in the city center.

Parents and children could be seen fleeing the scene following the violent incidents and law enforcement was forced to use tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets to restore order.

Close to 60 people have been arrested, with at least 15 police officers sustaining injuries during the riots.

Argentina is expected to receive a warm welcome when it arrives back in Buenos Aires later Monday following its World Cup campaign.