Netherlands team receives offer to be sent into space

The craze surrounding Robin van Persie's "flying" header against Spain has inspired one Dutch start-up to consider transporting the national side all the way into the cosmos.
A Dutch company is offering to send the Netherlands team into space should it win the World Cup.

The Space Expedition Corporation (SXC), a Dutch start-up that intends to offer voyages into space for tourism and research, said that it was inspired by the attention surrounding Robin van Persie’s header against Spain.

“As a company of Dutch origin, we are of course very proud of the achievements of the Oranje currently in Brazil,” said co-founder Michiel Mol to AD. “Robin van Persie’s goal, and all the headlines about 'The Flying Dutchman' have brought us the idea to do something extra.

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“The whole selection of 23 players and of course Louis van Gaal, we will try to literally lift them to a higher level; 103 kilometres [into space].”

SXC is expected to offer their first commercial journeys into space later in 2015, with any Oranje voyage not expected to take place until at least 2016.